Happy Hour Bubbles & Wardrobe in Québec

$610  2 hours
This 2h styling service includes:
  • In-person meeting in your closet in the evening
  • Discussion about your style and preferences
  • Recommendations for properly organizing and sorting your wardrobe: keep, repair or donate
  • Proposals for outfits with the clothes selected at the end
  • Silhouette analysis
  • 1 bottle of delicious Prosecco
  • Enjoyable Lounge Style Playlist on Spotify
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The Happy Hour Bubbles & Wardrobe styling service is perfect for the person who would like to have an appointment with their stylist after work!

What’s better than a friendly 5 to 7 with champagne?

A festive atmosphere to clean out your closet with bubbles is most appreciated, yes? Have your stylist available in the evening just for you for 2 hours! It will give me great pleasure to give you this unique experience to create wonderful outfits for you.

Please note that the time is flexible. For example, let’s meet at 7pm if you finish work at 6pm!

Included in this service with stylist available in the evening for a 5 to 7 bubbles and wardrobe*:

  • 2 hours of styling wardrobe therapy in the EVENING to create looks and sort out your wardrobe;
  • 1 bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco (or similar if not available) delicious (and a non-alcoholic option for me!);
  • Silhouette analysis (value of $50) to help you know yourself better;
  • Lounge playlist on Spotify to put us in a fun Happy Hour mood!


The Colour Analysis is strongly recommended before your session.

*Additional charges may also apply for transportation to your home.

Please also note that a fee of $250/hour applies if the session exceeds 2 hours.

Chin chin (Cheers!),

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You are the main character of your life. Let’s work together to make your clothing reflect who you want to be!

- Lysiane

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